Design Notes: Crew Socks

Design Notes: Crew Socks

Who knew a pair of crew running socks could have been so hard to perfect?

As we pressed ahead with our other technical garment designs through 2021 and into 2022, the humble sock refused to co-operate.

14 months, 5 factories, countless samples and many head in hands moments later, we're delighted to be launching our much anticipated running socks.

We think they were worth the wait, and we're confident you'll agree.

Pure White. Clean. One for the minimalists.

Designed to appear casual above the trainer line whilst offering maximum support and resilience in the foot and calf.

Featuring the Acid hare in embroidered detail to give your run an aesthetic edge.

Our second design features two sets of athletic stripes for the streetwear connoisseurs.

The embroidered Acid hare serves as a reminder that despite your superior appearance, suffering is inevitable.

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