Our Commitment

We are committed to quality and sustainability, and as such partner with only the finest mills, factories and technicians in the industry. Our fabric mill is a globally-renowned Bluesign® System partner and Oeko®Tex 100 registered facility. 

This means only safe input chemicals are used. Water and air emissions are constantly monitored to ensure dyed fabrics are safe for our runners, workers and the environment.

Our primary factory is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and widely considered to be the best running apparel manufacturer in the world, having perfected high-tech and flat lock knitting techniques over the last 30 years.

Our Process

We prioritise integrating recycled and natural fibres into all our garments. Our cottons are sourced from farms that use climate-positive agricultural and land management practices that restore the soil instead of disturbing it. 

1 yard of fabric can be produced using 8 to 15 plastic bottles. Instead of letting this waste plastic enter our landfills, our partners have helped us to develop world-leading performance fabrics for our runners.

This rPET recycled polyester is also a lower impact textile, and as such uses less energy, water and resources than virgin poly.

All of our products are shipped in recycled mailers, and instead of using unsustainable swing labels, we attach seed paper that can be planted at home to grow wildflowers.