Avant-Garde Running with David Moseer

Avant-Garde Running with David Moseer

avant-garde (/ˌavɒ̃ˈɡɑːd/) - French for “advanced guard”, originally used to denote the vanguard of an army and first applied to art in France in the early 19th century.

In reference to art, the term means any artist, movement, or artwork that breaks with precedent and is regarded as innovative and boundary-pushing.

German based avant-garde fashion and art critic David Moseer recently discussed his latest pickups from Acid Running on his studio vlog.

We've published the full transcript below, where you'll also find a link to watch the review on our YouTube channel.

Memento Vivere

"So next up, we have something that I haven't shown for a while now, which is running gear.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I've been sick with long Covid for a couple of months now, so I can’t run. I still got some new running gear though because I'm excited about getting back into the game.

I discovered a new brand called Acid Running. First of all, dope name. Second, they make really great products.

I picked up their 2-in-1 shorts. They have sort of a split short design at the side and then you have a second layer underneath, which keeps your thighs warm.

I have to say it, I love them. They fit really, really great. The fabric is lightweight, breathable, stretchy, dries quickly. It has a small pocket for your essentials as well."

"I’m getting really cool vibes off the brand, and I think if you're into avant-garde fashion their clothing is really nice and fits our aesthetic.

I also picked up a long sleeve, which is pretty dope as well. It has their Acid logo on the neck. It's super warm but still breathable, which is obviously important when you're running, especially out in those conditions that we're about to get in fall and winter.

So a really cool layering piece and then when you run, if you wear something on top, you still have that cool asset detail.

Really cool brand go check them out because, especially in the running world, we need more cool brands, because there's so few.

Damn I feel like running when I wear this, I wish I could."

"I will do a more detailed review as soon as I am able to run, but I still wanted to share them because they fit the avant-garde running aesthetic really well.

I took a large which fits pretty much true to size - very good and snug fit, but not too tight.

Great detailing of the brand on the first level of the shorts, and really tight, inner compression lining, and then you have a loose pair of shorts on top.

Perfect for running and I love the neck because it's not too high, so there's no getting all sweaty and feel like you're choking, but it still keeps your neck protected.

When there’s wind, especially in cold conditions like we're having now, I think this is perfect."

Watch the full review on our YouTube channel here.

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