5" Shorts - Not Quite True

5" Shorts - Not Quite True

When we set out to design the ultimate mid-length shorts, the obvious starting point was the classic 5 incher. 

So-called due to the length of the in-seam, 5 inch shorts have always been the garment of choice for the runner favouring a more casual aesthetic.

Disregarding orthodoxy, our designers rightly believed the mid-length formula could be improved upon, and so began a lengthy process.

In order to perfect the desired silhouette, we experimented with the in-seam over many iterations, before the optimum length was achieved. 

Short enough to athletically reveal the quads but long enough to maintain a casual aesthetic, all whilst offering total movement, it became apparent the magic number was closer to 4 than 5.

4.13 inches to be precise. 

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